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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is happening?

    If you’re asking, then you must have noticed all the temporary walls and loud noises in the Union. The UCF Student Union is undergoing a large-scale expansion in an effort to offer campus a state-of-the-art food court, meeting chambers, Student Government suite, permanent Reflection Room, conference room, and approximately 350 additional seats in a two-story food court lounge.

  • How long is this project going to take?

    That’s a great question with a tricky answer. This project is separated into two major phases: the food court and second/third floor expansion. The goal is to complete the food court during Summer 2018 and the second/third floor expansion by the beginning of Fall 2019.

  • Where is all the food? Where can I eat?

    We love food just as much as you do and know how important it is. During Phase 1, the food court will be closed for remodeling and available food options inside the Union are Chili’s, Boar’s Head Subs, Qdoba, Mrs. Fields, Knight Stop, Smoothie King, Cafe Bustelo, and Huey Magoos. In order to further meet the dining needs of campus, we will be providing two food trucks on Pegasus Circle between the Student Union and Memory Mall.

  • Did you say food trucks? Which ones?

    Yes! Food trucks will be scheduled on Monday-Friday from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. The Union will offer food trucks until additional food vendor options become available. You can check out the schedule and daily offerings on the Student Union’s social media: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

  • What will be the new food options in the Union?

    We are extremely excited to offer campus a brand new dining menu. Once complete, the Union will feature Huey Magoos, Panda Express, Qdoba, Steak ’n Shake, and Which Wich Superior Sandwiches in the food court. Additional dining options outside of the food court will include Chili’s, Knight Stop, Cafe Bustelo, and two local small businesses.

  • When will the food court be open?

    We are hoping for the brand new food court to open to the public during Summer 2018.

  • Where am I going to sit now that the food court is closed?

    We are moving seats around throughout the Union to provide additional seating. Make sure you check all three levels for seating including the hallways outside the Pegasus Ballroom.

  • How much is this project costing?

    $20 million.

  • Who is paying for this project?

    The funding from this project is a partnership between UCF and Aramark.

  • What usable spaces will be available during the construction?

    This depends on the Phase. During Phase 1, the entire Union will be operational except for the food court. For the first half of Phase 1, the walkway through the food court will still be accessible, however, during the second half, the entire area will be inaccessible. During Phase 2, different areas will be available depending on the progress being made. Be sure to check back for more information on potential closures.

  • How do I get involved with Market Day Wednesday as a vendor?

    We’d love to see you on campus! Please visit the Market Day website or contact Event Services to find more information.

  • How will this impact my event?

    Simple answer: We’ll do all that we can to make sure your event isn’t impacted. Our event team is working tirelessly to ensure that current reservations are updated to fit within available space and future reservations are booked with space constraints in mind.

  • Will there be noise?

    Just like every construction project, there will be loud noises from time to time. Our event team will keep this information in mind when reserving space and will be able to warn you if there may be loud noises that could impact your event.

  • Does catering change?

    It does not! The Union-approved vendors and caterers will still remain fully functional. Check out the newly updated approved catering list!

  • Does this affect parking?

    It does not! Our expansion is contained to the Union property and no parking lots or garages will be affected. The only thing to keep in mind is if a certain area of the building is blocked off for construction, you may want to park in a garage on the other side to avoid having to walk around.

  • Are you adding bathrooms?

    Not only are we adding bathrooms, we’re making some of the existing ones better! The current bathrooms next to the Pegasus Ballroom will be remodeled. Additional bathrooms will also be added to the second and third floors.

  • Am I going to have more places to sit?

    You sure are! Once the project is completed, we will be adding 350 seats with the addition of a second level of seating and lounge spaces. You can see a concept of this on the gallery page.

  • Is construction going to be environmentally friendly and will the building have environmentally sustainable elements?

    Our construction and design will be LEED Certified, which means it is more resource efficient, will use less water and, energy and will reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Learn more about LEED certifications.

  • Who can I talk to if I have more questions?

    We are so excited about this project and want to tell as many people as possible! Questions, comments, concerns, haikus, songs, and anything else can be directed to (407) 823-3677 or